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Does Minimalism Impact Ones Enjoyment of Snow?

20 February 2019

I looked out and the window and what did I see? Snow. . .more freaking snow. I'm so sick of snow that I could, and very likely did, scream. The good news is that, despite being unable to leave the confines of my warm, comfy bed in the appropriate amount of time for a structured morning workout, I'm now guaranteed a workout at some point today. The bad news is that said workout will be shoveling a driveway and the endless sidewalks that come with a corner lot. "It's fun in the summer" will likely be my accompanying mantra.

I've been tackling one home project a month for 2019, so two whole things I've been meaning to do for the past five years are actually complete. With all my planning I've had to think about who I am as a decorator. What's my style? As much as I like clean surfaces, modern architecture, and clean lines, I enjoy bright colors and busy patterns far too much to be a true minimalist decorator. It made me wonder though. Do those minimalist decorators who are surrounded in minimal color, do they enjoy the snow? Is there some sort of correlation? 

I have no answers on this topic and am far too deep in the winter blues to care enough to do some scholarly research. I do like to think though that there are some who woke up this morning and felt gleeful looking out their window at the nonstop snow. In most states those gleeful faces would most likely be children, but Utah is not known for snow days. 

I had a roommate in college who grew up here who experienced zero snow days her entire educational career. Something about that seems so tragic. The magic of wishing for and being granted a snow day seems like an important right of passage. I think, if we stay here, that I'll grant at least one snow day a year for my kids.

As for this year, give me all your tips on surviving the winter. I'm not sure that I can handle much more of it.