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Enjoying for the Sake of Enjoyment

22 January 2019

Over the past few months I have been spending quite a lot of time drafting and deleting posts for this space of mine. Nothing feels like quite enough for this space. All of the "rules" are popping up each and every time I sit down to write. 

Is this post helpful? Can I break down this essay into various headings to help readers skim? What about this graphic? Would I pin this? Does the pin work correctly? Do I even care? Is another job something I'm looking for during a season where it feels as if I'm half-assing all of the various roles in my life?

Once upon a time I knew none of the rules. All I knew was that I had discovered a handful of writers out there who took it upon themselves to share a little something with the world. I was inspired. I sat down and wrote, just for the practice. I wrote to empty my head, so that maybe tonight I would actually be able to fall asleep. 

I stopped writing as much last year. Instead I read a lot and finally discovered Bookstagram. I've been having so much fun sharing my love of reading with other people who "get it," with people who also enjoy a good reading spreadsheet, but rules and thoughts about likes, followers, and end-goals have begun to creep back in. These "rules" and "goals" keep souring so many things that I love and I seem to have trouble just enjoying something for the sake of enjoyment. 

All this to say that this year, I'm trying really hard to just enjoy. I want to pay attention to when things stop feeling fun and then I want to not worry so much about taking a step back. I want to look at stats next to never, unless I'm hoping to get my hands on a particularly appealing book. I want stop stressing about hobbies and spend more time enjoying the things that I do.
1 comment on "Enjoying for the Sake of Enjoyment"
  1. I've felt the exact same way about blogging the past year. I really want to get back into it, but I don't want to worry about the rat race...I have all these ideas and plan posts out...but then I just never actually sit down and write them out. I've decided, it's ok. I'll still pay for my domain name in case I want to come back, but right now, it's not the blogging season for me.


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