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An Honest "About" Page

10 July 2018
We're all under construction

I've always enjoyed reading "About" pages on blogs. It seems that everyone attempts to put their best foot forward, while being creative enough to make them stand out from the crowd.

While I enjoy reading "About" pages, I really hate writing an "About" page. 

I don't have the type of story that would get me casted on any reality tv show. I haven't done a lot of exciting travelling. I'm very much a homebody who enjoys board games and reading. I'm not convinced that there is anything in particular that would set me apart from everyone and their grandma.

I recently stumbled across a blog's "about" page where I found the following words, "under construction" followed by the blogger's name. Now I know she is likely just in the process of rewriting, but if that isn't actually the most accurate about page for just about anyone then I don't know what is.

Aren't most of us continuously in the process of reinventing ourselves? Aren't we all just a little bit under construction?

I know it can be so hard to remember that no one is really as put together as their social media makes them appear, but for the sake of our sanity we need to. 

In those moments when we feel intimidated just remember we're all kind of faking it to some extent. 

In those moments when you elect to let someone else make the first move, reexamine. 

In those moments when you find yourself frustrated by someone else, remind yourself that they may be experiencing some serious internal construction that you know nothing about. 

May your internal construction help shape you into the most spectacular palace! 
2 comments on "An Honest "About" Page"
  1. Three cheers for staying at home and playing board games! My husband and I have literally devoted entire weekends to that pursuit. Between that, reading, and baking, I'm right there with ya on the Grandma comment. Great post!

  2. So very true! I feel like I am updating and tweaking my about page CONSTANTLY as I stumble into new interests and change a bit.


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