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Don't Forget! You're Beautiful. Ignore Your Inner Critic.

07 February 2018

In late 2016 I wrote in my journal that I wanted to try to look like a "more put-together grownup by age 30."

Since that time I have learned a decent amount about makeup. I've learned more about the upkeep people think they "should" be doing and the downfall of becoming too caught up with all of that.

I have evaluated my closet and participated in style challenges. I have completed an entire workout program. I feel put together, but, at times, still inadequate.

Why is that?

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that my perception of beauty became a little warped somewhere along the way. In order to fix that I needed to rediscover what beauty means to me.

As I have reflected on beauty and those people I find to be truly beautiful I notice a trend. The people I think are absolutely stunning in my day to day life aren't always the most physically attractive.

In my experience a person's beauty either increases or decreases as you peel back the layers to see who that person actually is. It's all of those little quirks and traits that add to or detract from one's beauty

I'll admit it's fun to explore and learn about different makeup, clothing trends, face serums, filters, etcetera. And, let's be real, I'll probably keep on investing in some of it. I just think I also need to work on keeping a healthy perspective. 

No matter how much we spend on procedures, tools or creams, we're still aging. Maybe we need to learn to love that?

In addition to all of that, it's important to remember that I am a mother-flippin' snowflake and I don't need to look like anyone else on Instagram! I can invest in various makeup, clothes, and all of these workout plans but I need to remember that it may not make me look like her.

Just because that fashion blogger can rock a cargo vest, it doesn't mean that I should. Just because that blogger looks amazing in a bikini 3 months after giving birth, it doesn't mean that I will. Just because so and so seems like she is happier because of x,y, or z, it doesn't actually mean that she is.

Instead of trying to be more like all of these other people, I need to celebrate me and what makes me awesome

I think the reason so many of us feel like a wilting flower instead of the beautiful flower that we actually are is due to the fact that we don't see or don't really know who we are. Or maybe we're uncomfortable with what we see.

It's time for us to figure out who we are and then be proud of it. 

You do you and own it! Confidence is beautiful and with confidence you may find yourself coming out of your shell more and more. 

Those are my scattered thoughts for this Wednesday morning.

What makes you feel beautiful?
What traits do you find beautiful in another?

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